Shipping Policy.

The Materials will be shipped by FedEx in accordance with Product Specification. Please note that shipping and handling fees will be added in your final invoice depending on your location, type of Product, size of package, etc. We ship all Frozen Biospecimens by FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping in dry ice.

Notice of Rejection.

The Materials shall be provided in accordance with the Order Specifications.  

Client shall have thirty (30) days after receipt of any Materials to provide written notice to Cureline of any failure of the Materials to meet the Specifications (the “Rejection Notice”).  The Rejection Notice shall include (i) a description of the Materials and the specific Specimens being rejected; (ii) a statement of the reason(s) for such rejection; and (iii) a photo of the gels, images or other relevant experimental data; and (iv) certification from Customer that the Materials were prepared, handled and maintained by Customer in accordance with the instructions for handling provided by Cureline.

Replacement or Refund.

If Customer rejects any Specimens and this rejection is not a result of mishandling by Customer, Cureline shall replace the defective Specimens with Specimens with conforming Specifications within reasonable time, not to exceed ninety (90) days. At Cureline’s request, Customer shall ship the defective Specimens to Cureline at Cureline’s cost, and Cureline shall have a reasonable opportunity, not to exceed fifteen (15) business days from receipt of the returned Specimens, to inspect, test, or analyze any allegedly defective Specimens. Any inspection, testing and analysis by Cureline shall not eliminate or delay Cureline’s obligation to replace defective Specimens with Order Specifications-conforming Specimens. If Cureline is unable to replace defective Specimens, Customer shall be entitled to cancel such Project and obtain a full refund or credit any payment made by Customer for such rejected Specimens within 30 days. If shipment of the rejected Specimens is not requested by Cureline within 30 days upon receiving a Rejection Notice, Customer shall dispose of such Specimens in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding disposal of the Materials.